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Sex Bracelets FAQ

Color Coding

Sex Games

Origin of Sex Bracelets

The Great Debate

Sex Bracelets

What are they?

Sex bracelets are inexpensive and colorful jelly bracelets. They sometimes signal, based on their color, willingness to perform a certain sex act. They are sometimes used in games in which sexual favors are exchanged.

Note: The VAST MAJORITY of people who wear jelly bracelets do not consider them "sex bracelets". The idea that middle schoolers are wearing jelly bracelets and having sex is, as far as we can tell, a media myth. Sex bracelets are something used and enjoyed by adults.

Sex Bracelets FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions about sex bracelets

Color Coding
Concise guide to the jelly bracelet color coding system

Sex Bracelet Games
Adult games to play with jelly bracelets.

The "True" Origin of Sex Bracelets
One explanation of how the game got started

The Great Bracelets Debate
Our readers battle it out over the "true" meaning of sex bracelets

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